Ted Norris Receives Distinguished Faculty Achievement

Congratulations to Ted Norris, Gerard A. Mourou Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has received a 2014 University of Michigan Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award. This award honors senior faculty who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievements in scholarly research, have a sustained pattern of high quality teaching and mentoring of students and junior colleagues, and Continue Reading »

Congratulations Pallab Bhattacharya – 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award Winner

Please join us in congratulating Pallab Bhattacharya for receiving the 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award, “For contributions to near-infrared and visible quantum dot lasers.”

The IEEE David Sarnoff award is one of IEEE’s Technical Field Awards, which are among the highest awards given by IEEE. It is a highly-deserved honor for Pallab, an internationally renowned Continue Reading »

Metal-free Metamaterials

C-PHOM researchers at Purdue University have reported the first demonstration of a metal-free plasmonic metamaterial device in the near-infrared. Metals have many disadvantages such as high losses which make them poor choices for many plasmonic metamaterial devices in the optical range. The Purdue group replaced conventional metal with aluminum-doped zinc oxide, a semiconductor-based material that Continue Reading »