Application Procedures

Applications for the 2018 C-PHOM High School Research Program are due March 1, 2018 by midnight.

Applications must be submitted electronically. The application requires you to fill out each required item before advancing to the next page. There are two essay questions, each should be approximately one page in length. It is necessary to get a recommendation from one science and one math teacher from your high school.  It can be a current or former teacher. A high school nomination form must also be filled out; this should be done by a guidance counselor. Most counselors and teachers require 5-7 days to fill out these forms. Please plan accordingly.

  • For the C-PHOM HS Application, please click here. For preview, click here.
    • Transcripts should be attached to your application.
  • For an Electronic Teacher Recommendation form, please click here. For preview, click here.
  • For a High School Nomination Form to be filled out by a guidance counselor, please click here. For preview, click here.