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Prof. Zetian Mi elected SPIE Fellow for Contributions to Photonic Devices and Artificial Photosynthesis

Prof. Zetian Mi has been elected Fellow of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics “for contributions to the development of high performance III-nitride nanowire photonic devices, including electrically injected deep UV Lasers, full color nanowire LEDs, and high efficiency artificial photosynthesis.”

Alum Michelle Stock Elected SPIE Fellow for Development of the Photonics Industry

ECE alumna Dr. Michelle Stock (BSE MSE PhD EE ’88 ’90 ’94) has been elected Fellow of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, “for achievements in business development and science policy for the photonics industry.”

R. Merlin Awarded the 2017 Ellis R. Lippincott Award, The Optical Society

Tony Grbic and Jay Guo paper published in Optica

We are happy to announce that a joint paper between Tony Grbic and Jay Guo was recently published in Optica. “Polarization rotation with ultra-thin bianisotropic metasurfaces” can be read at the link provided below.

Vladimir Shalaev and Alexandra Boltasseva Have Science Perspective Published

Congratulations to Vladimir Shalaev and Alexandra Boltasseva on their recent Science perspective using loss in plasmonics for practical applications.

Tony Grbic elected as an IEEE Fellow

We are happy to announce that Tony Grbic has been elected IEEE Fellow, “for contributions to the theory and design of electromagnetic metamaterials.” Tony has radically new antennas and optical devices based on the development of novel metamaterials and metasurfaces. His research could pave the way for flat/low profile, integrated optical devices, as well as Continue Reading »

2015 IEEE Award Winner

The CPHOM center would like to extend congratulations to Professor Pallab Bhattacharya for being selected to receive the 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award for his work with quantum dot lasers. 

Award for Sharon Glotzer

Sharon Glotzer was recently awarded University of Michigan’s top honor as Distinguished University Professor. 

Congratulations to Roberto Merlin

Roberto Merlin was elected as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow for his investigation of condensed matter systems using continuous wave and ultrafast optical techniques and, in particular, spontaneous and impulsive (stimulated) Raman spectroscopy. 

2014 Materials Research Society Medal Winners

Congratulations to Sharon Glotzer and Nicholas Kotov on receiving a 2014 Materials Research Society Medal!

MRS Medal

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