2/17/2015 – Dr. Willie S. Rockward Professor of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering Program
“Micro/Nano Optics and Engineering (MORE) Laboratory: Undergraduate research and mentoring in nanolithography for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Metamaterials, and Terahertz (THz) systems”

6/25/2014 –  Dr. Irfan Bulu Schlumberger Doll Research Center, Cambridge, MA                       
  “Nonlinear Nanophotonics”

2/27/2014 – Dr. Jacob Khurgin Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University      
“How small can one shrink a laser?”

11/19/2013 – Dr. Mikhail A. Noginov  Professor, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk State University               
“Hyperbolic metamaterials:  what the density of photonic states can do?”

10/23/2013 – Dr. Matthias Heldmaier Post-Doctoral Candidate                                                           
 “Excited state and resonant spectroscopy of single lateral self-assembled InGaAs quantum dot molecules”

2/8/2012 – Dr. Stefan Maier Co-Director, Centre for Plasmonics & Metamaterials, Prof. of Nanophotonics, Experimental Solid State Group, Dept. of Physics, Imperial College, London
“Plasmonics and nanophotonics:  Applications of sub-wavelength light-localization throughout the spectrum.” & “Plasmonics:  Oscillator Physics on the Nanoscale.” 

6/21/2012 – Dr.  Vinod Menon Associate Professor of Physics at Queens College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY)

6/1/2012 – Dr.  Laurent Coolen  Institut de NanoSciences de Paris
“Coupling single fluorescent nano-emitters to photonic or plasmonic nanostructures”

4/13/2012 – Dr.  Remi Carminati Professor of Physics, Institut Langevin, Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie, Paris, France     
‘Probing Confined Photons in Nanoscale Disordered Systems from the Inside’     

3/12/2013 – Dr. Gennady Shvets Professor of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin  
“Emulating quantum phenomena with metamaterials: from Fano resonances to topological insulators” 

2/25/2013 –Dr. Zubin Jacob Asst. Prof ECE, Univ of Alberta, Canada 
“Engineering the Coherent, Thermal and quantum state of light using metamaterials” 

12/18/2012  – Dr. E. E. Narimanov  Assoc. Prof, Electrtical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University               
“Optical Hyperspace:  light in metamaterials with hyperbolic dispersion and related phenomena”

 11/27/2012  – Dr. Sven Höfling Technische Physik, Universität Würzburg
“Quantum-engineered mid-infrared semiconductor lasers”

11/20/2012 – Dr. J. E. Sipe  Department of Physics and Institute for Optical Sciences, Univ. of Toronto              
“Metallic nanoparticles on waveguide structures:  Effects on waveguide mode properties, and the promise of sending applications”      

11/13/2012 – Dr. Pawel Hawrylak  National Research Council, Canada         
“Carbononics: electronics, photonics and spintronics with graphene quantum dots”


7/14/2014 –  Siyuan Zhang, GSRA, Research collaborator, Georgia Tech @ University of Michigan   

5/15/2014 –  Dr. Gennady Shvets Professor, Physics, University of Texas at Austin
“From Meta to Meso: Science and Applications of Metamaterials-Inspired Nanophotonics”

3/28/2014 – IRG2 Workshop @ Purdue University     

3/14/2014 – Dr. April S. Brown, John Cocke Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University          
“Chemical-Electronic Coupling and the InAs Two-Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG): Highly Sensitive and Selective Sensing of Surface-Based Biomolecule Interactions”

3/13/2014 – Photonics Innovation Day Seminar

2/14/2014 – Clotilde Lethiec Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Institut des NanoSciences de Paris                    
“Optical and electronic microscopic characterization of plasmonic modes on a self-assembled metallic grating”

7/12/2013 – C-PHOM NSF Site Visit @U-M 

3/13/2013 – 2013 IRG2 Workshop @ U-M   

1/22/2013 – C-PHOM EAB @ U-M      

10/26/2012 – 2012 Kick-off @ UM      

10/17/2011 – 2011 Kick-off @ UM